Signage :

Given that all Rio’s buildings are generated in 3 dimensions from the outset, we are able to use the associated models for all manner of analysis. An example of which is the testing of signage possibilities.

We take the signage designers details or 3D CAD files and place them within our building model. For retail clients signage is extremely important not only in relation to brand but also in understanding how their signage works within the streetscape or the retail mall. Working with the retailers, we are able to set up particular views in order to assess the impact of the signage from certain vantage points in order to understand the impact of the sign, its position, colour etc. For real-time analysis we are able to produce walkthroughs at various levels.

Our signage visualisation also pays dividends in the planning process as it is much more productive portraying the actual signage to the planners via a 3D model.

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