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Client :
Valegate Retail Park
Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff
Atlantic Properties
Project Description :

In 2001 Rio Architects were approached by Atlantic Properties, the owners of Valegate retail park to undertake a feasibility study to evaluate the opportunities to enhance the retail park's profile. Rio undertook a SWOT analysis to establish the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in respect of the parks current and future operation.


Our analysis showed the need to enhance the profile and visibility of the retail park as a whole, but also the opportunity to introduce hierarchy at the entrances to afford better branding to the individual retail offers.


Rio designed a unique canopy structure using boomerang shaped splayed laminated timber support sections, cross braced with circular steel cambered purlins and covered with reinforced glass panels. The design required a highly intense level of accuracy and co-ordination in order to align the different elements of the structure to within 2mm fixing tolerances.

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