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New HQ office Masterplan
Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water
Project Description :

Our model of the existing site including its contours; existing buildings and car park area which was used as a backdrop for option testing and cut and fill assessments, both of which provided us with important ideas concerning future phasing.

6 options were shortlisted and evaluated in the context of their perceived ‘advantages - disadvantages’ providing a broad subjective overview of their relative benefits.

Sustainability strategies were developed based on the first principles of orientation, super insulation, thermal mass, water recycling etc. By far the largest carbon debt will be “run up” during the life of the development through the consumption of energy for occupancy. The Masterplan was therefore geared towards minimising the energy consumed in maintaining the internal environmental conditions for the comfort of occupants using various strategies. It was proposed that the whole site could be used a best practice “showcase” for Dwr Cymru in terms of on-site water management.

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