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Location :
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Client :
Hasties Residential
Morfa, Swansea
Guy Hall Developments
Project Description :

The Hastie Site is located along the banks of the River Tawe, just north of the city centre. The scheme replaces an existing industrial plant with a residential scheme. The brief was to provide a mix of family houses and 1 and 2 bed apartments.

The principle form of the development is informed by character of the site and the curved layout derives its form from the natural sweep of the river Tawe. In addition, the Morfa Distributor Road located to the West affords a buffer to the existing main line railway.

The design concept has reflected the aspiration to optimise the ‘Riverfront’. Consequently, the master plan has been configured to promote visual permeability allowing a large proportion of the dwellings an aspect to the river, the recently landscape White Rock site and Kilvey hill beyond.

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