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Research Centre
Cardiff University
Project Description :

We were commissioned to prepare a design and imagery for the University’s funding procurement. The Gateway Building concept focuses on the processes involved in converting research ideas into tangible results.


Several options were explored as part of this exercise. In one option, a thinking Zone is a central facility which hangs synapse-like within the main entrance hall. The space contains the meeting room suite and acts as a thought provoking hub for the Centre whilst acting as the main transitional space between the office and the laboratories via a series of connecting bridges. Layers of coloured fibre reinforced polymer discs interspersed with rings of glass are haphazardly stacked creating ledges and overhangs for write up, ephemeral meetings, debate and contemplation.


Another option used a link as a visibly separate but connected element of the composition, as it was recognised that collaboration between researchers, both incidental and planned, is an important part of research development.

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