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Location :
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Client :
Water Sports + Visitors Centre
Llandegfedd Reservoir
Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig
Project Description :

Rio was invited to develop ideas for a new water sports and visitors centre on two separate sites within the boundaries of the Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig owned reservoir at Llandegfedd.


Ideas for the Water Sports Centre ranged from a single storey building drawing reference from the Welsh long barn to a  camouflaged building reminiscent of a birdwatchers hide. The former hovers over the banks of the reservoir using topography to create a covered boat storage below. The latter is shrouded by a louvered outer lid wrapping two elevations and capping a pennant sandstone base which grounds the scheme and houses the boat storage area.


The Ranger's HQ and Visitors Centre appear as one, linked by a sinuous roof that wraps up and over each building.  A pathway links the buildings culminating in a terrace and allowing the users to walk between the two buildings under cover. The two rectangular buildings are constructed from a combination of local pennant sandstone and glass. Each building is simply detailed.

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