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House of the Future
St Fagans museum, Cardiff
Museum of Wales
Project Description :

The core of the structure forms an ISP (interactive spine wall) from which the whole house cantilevers and rises from a simple foundation foot.

The ISP also allows the building to be elevated above the ground for security. It contains the ancillary accommodation together with the main IT, plumbing and electrical elements allowing them to be enclosed yet accessible; pre-installed yet adaptable.

The whole house is naturally ventilated with the ISP assisting the flow of air through vertically run ducts. The stack effect is aided due to the fact that the underbelly of the house is raised.

The double height living space has a fully glazed south facing facade which wraps up to roof level. External louvres can be activated to minimise solar gain or glare. The top section of the window contains a series of photo-electric solar collectors along its length, which provide a heat source for the hot water.

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