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Lootch gallery
BDG Workfutures
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Rio undertook a feasibility study to design a small “summer gallery” within a square surrounded by the factory and offices of Energy Company in Lootch, Moscow.


Our solution retains the essence of the existing factories heritage, but looks forward to support the industry of the future. Our design for centre and its surrounding landscape draws reference from the existing buildings heritage, the industrial architecture of the existing buildings and sustainability.


We see the building acting in a similar role to that of the traditional Russian Dacha or “summer House”. The dacha has provided Russia’s urban dwellers with the ability to leave the “hussle and bustle” of the city behind them. Similarly, our “gallery” sitting at the centre of this existing development could be seen as a kind of “getaway” or “oasis” from the surrounding commercial buildings i.e. essentially the development’s own quiet retreat.

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