Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings

The field of Intelligent Buildings already encompasses an enormous variety of technologies across commercial, industrial, institutional and domestic buildings, including energy management systems and building controls.

The function of Building Management Systems (BMS) is central to the 'Intelligent Building' concept; its purpose being to control, monitor and optimise building services such as lighting, heating, security, ventilation and climate control systems. Although essential for regulating today’s complex buildings, in our experience BMS systems need to become more friendly and easier to use at the user interface. It is all well and good having sophisticated systems, but they very often fail to regulate the building properly due to the fact that the users are very often laypeople. Nevertheless, the potential within these concepts and the surrounding technology is vast, and our lives are changing from the effects of Intelligent Buildings developments on our living and working environments.

The intelligent home can already wake you up to the sound of your favourite CD; 'fade up' the lights in your bedroom to allow you to wake up in your own time; De-activate your intruder alarm; turn your coffee machine on to make your early morning drink; open the ground floor curtains and blinds; warm the towels in the bathroom; run the bath – all before you have even woken up.

Many functions can also be manipulated across the internet. For instance you could access your security cameras whilst relaxing on the beach, disconnect your alarm for the plumber to service your biomass boiler, read your utility meters etc.

Intelligent buildings look set to redefine the way we live and work in the future as intelligent buildings evolve into intelligent communities, intelligent cities, intelligent electrical grids, and even intelligent countries.


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